Rehat Break timer

May 1, 2020


I use a lot of timers

When making hardboiled eggs, I use an egg timer.

When steeping green tea, I have a tea timer.

When taking a siesta, I use a 20 minute nap timer.

And during slow-rep workouts, I use a 5 second interval timer.

I love timers.

However, there is one type of timer that I am struggling with

  • Work timers or break timers

Work Timers

Commonly known as focus timers, Work/break timers are timers that helps you break up work in to small chunks. Breaking work into small chunks help reduce fatigue or mental strain. There are many tools for work/break timers.

And there are a multitude of apps on the Mac App Store.

The ones I have tried are:

These are not bad timers at all. In fact they are well made. They also come with a lot of features like analytics, custom alarms and multi-device synchronization.

How these timers basically work:

  • Start a timer for (ex) 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes is up, A notification or alarm is sent to take a break.
  • A 5 minute timer is started immediately.
  • After 5 minutes is up, Another notification to go back to work

My struggle with work timers is that they expect me to immediately take a break when the alarms hit. Most of the time, when the alarms hit - I am deeply focused in work and can not afford any distraction!

Quite often enough, I find myself deactivating the timer. Since in 5 more minutes, it will tell me to go back to work.

So, I decided to create my own work/break timer.


Rehat ( the name of the app ) is a yet another Mac app timer. Rehat is a very simple timer. It does not come with a lot of features. But as a timer that does not disrupt your work-flow. I think it is is different from other timers because I am biased :).

I built Rehat with the following philosophies:

  • Non disruptive timer that does not enforce a schedule to you
  • Breaks should be away from your Mac
  • Does not require manual starting or stopping.

Non disruptive timer that does not enforce a schedule

Rehat only tells you when your 25 minute work timer is up. It doesn't enforce you to take a break now. You can still keep on working for 10 minutes and take a break after that.

It also doesn't enforce how long your breaks are needed. It does need to know a minimum break time. But you can take 10 - 15 breaks.

Breaks should be away from your Mac

Rehat only detect breaks if you are away from your Mac. This is important because Rehat observes your Mac activity. Browsing FaceBook or Instagram on your Mac isn’t considered a break. Breaks should be done far away from your working desk.

Doesn't require manual starting or stopping

Rehat is a timer that you can set and forget. You don't have to fiddle with starting or stopping it. You can even keep it running during non-working hours.

Free for now

I have not yet set up a pricing for Rehat yet. If your interested in giving Rehat a try, it is available on the Mac AppStore

Feel free to send me a AppStore feedback review of what you think!


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