Why is my battery yellow on my iPhone?

September 15, 2020


Low Power mode 🔋

The yellow battery icon is an indicator that your iPhone is in low power mode. This is an iPad and iPhone power saving mode. Apple introduced low power mode in iOS 11.

control center

How does low battery mode iPhone work?

When your iPhone battery level reaches 20%, you will be given an option to enter low power mode. If you click yes, your battery indicator turns yellow.

This feature helps improve battery life by:

  • Disable background apps
  • DisableEmail fetch
  • Disable Hey Siri
  • Disable automatic downloads
  • Disable some visual effects
  • Faster Auto-Lock (defaults to 30 seconds)
  • Faster iCloud Photos (temporarily paused)

You do not have to wait for a low battery to enter low power mode.

You can toggle this option by:

  • visit the control center ( which you'll need to configure ).
  • visit battery in the settings app.
  • Ask siri to enable low power mode.

battery in settings

Is low power mode bad for iPhone battery?

No - in fact, this low battery mode can help extend your battery life. You can even keep your iPhone low power mode all the time.


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