Appstore Connect API Golang Client code ( Codegen )

June 29, 2020

Apple AppStore Connect API Go client code

Over the weekend, I was testing AppStore Connect API Client in Go.

Announced on WWDC 2020, Apple published an OpenAPI specification for AppStore Connect API (more than 250 endpoint APIs ).

With OpenAPI, I can generate Go client code for AppStore Connect API.

During this process, I experienced difficulties in getting the client code to work. I realized that I could share my generated code to save others the same trouble.

You can find this Github project with the generated Go code along with instructions. AppstoreConnect-OpenAPI-Go

What you will find in the Github project:

  • Generated Code for Go
  • Command used to generate the client code ( in the Makefile )
  • An example on how to use the generated code.
  • An example on how to use Apple .p8 for JWT signing

External tools and dependencies used


I used OpenAPI generator to generate the client code. JWT-Go helped with signing JWT token for testing.

What can you do with project

Some examples of services that can be automated are:

  • User invitation automation
  • AppStore release management
  • Test Flight
  • Certificate management

Hopefully the generated code will help you save time ( instead of manually coding each operation)

Final Thoughts

If this project is useful to you, I appreciate if you could give it a star. That would help me understand if I should invest more effort into it. I plan to add in the future:

  • More examples
  • Automation code generation
  • Create tag/release


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